Tuesday, March 27, 2018

"Southern Avenger" Convicted, Sentenced to Jail Time for Charlottesville Tarp Removals

Richmond man accused of removing the illegal tarps placed over the Lee and Jackson monuments in Charlottesville convicted and sentenced to jail time. 

On Monday, Christopher James Wayne of Richmond was found guilty of trespassing and destruction of property valued at less than $1,000 on Feb. 16 and of trespassing on Feb. 23. The judge dismissed a charge of trespassing on Feb. 7.

The tarps were removed a dozen times since they were illegally placed by Charlottesville City Council, who used the death of a protestor last August as an excuse to cover the memorials after their plans to remove them were halted in court.  The final tarp removal by citizens occurred the same morning that a Charlottesville Circuit Court judge ruled  that the tarps must be removed.

For these three misdemeanor charges, Wayne was ordered to serve five months in jail. He also was ordered to pay $445, the cost of the tarp that he took down.
“I am appalled at the way people uphold justice and law here,” Wayne said in court Monday. He added that he was defending the statues as war monuments for the sake of fellow veterans.
In taking the unusual step of assigning jail time for misdemeanor charges, Judge Joseph Sirks claimed he was emphasizing the importance of following the legal process and appealing city decisions through the courts.
“We are in an age where someone takes action into their own hands and then everyone becomes a copycat,” Sirks said as he delivered his decision. “That doesn’t work in a system of the law.”

So...jail time for misdemeanor trespassing...in a PUBLIC park...to remove ILLEGAL tarps...and damaging a $400 plastic tarp...

...While vandals in Durham, NC who are caught on film destroying a monument with an estimated $120,000 replacement cost...have all charges dismissed.


Charlottesville prosecutors did not even try to hide the fact that the prosecution and sentencing was "political" for the city, even mentioning the fact in court.  Anyone who has ever visited Lee or Jackson Parks in Charlottesville knows that both are havens for Charlottesvile's homeless population who are regularly removed for trespassing without receiving jail time.

In addition, the monuments have been desecrated numerous times in recent months, with no one ever charged for trespassing or damage caused.

Apparently, removing illegal tarps from protected war memorials is a serious threat to public safety and welfare in Charlottesville.

Mr. Wayne plans to appeal the conviction.  When asked if he had any regrets, his response was swift and certain.  "My only regret is that I didn't start snatching tarps sooner."


Jane B said...

Does he have a GoFundMe account?

gbiguy said...

He did not trespass or destroy property. Appeal. Then sue.

Barbara said...

https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.vaflaggers.com%2Fi95flagdonate.html&h=ATMusE4STBXf11zccfuyBYfBUc6PV0kamUmL61rb1MKM7mR7EI_6KV3H5qvETIwJwLwhaKtla16DSbExlvt-UzbHOGFiDYoHNOckLttDC1v2p7FRw84 Earmark 'Southern Avenger'

Bud Spivey said...

He is a hero ! God Bless him !

Anonymous said...

Charlottesville elected officials should be ran out of town by the citizens that really belongs there

Linda said...

Would someone please explain to me how you are found trespassing in a public park? And receive jail time, but Durham can completely destroy a monument and their case is dismissed? This country needs to get it's judicial system in order.

MIKE said...

I salute James Wayne, this infringe on our rights is unacceptable.People from Durham or anywhere,should be held to pay 'FOR THIER WRONG'. CONGRATULATIONS TO VIRGINIA FLAGGERS.I was there for Raising The Flag in Chester,Va. "I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT". Some of the Greatest People I've ever met

James Owen said...

Unfortunately, Charlottesville, like Virginia, has a reconstruction government.

James Owen said...

...While vandals in Durham, NC who are caught on film destroying a monument with an estimated $120,000 replacement cost...have all charges dismissed.

They should have all been given bus tickets back to Philadelphia, New York, Boston and Chicago. Where most of them probably come from.

ellmer Fudd said...

How abouth the renamining of the schools if we must (which in my belief is not a must) could be "Welcome to all Amieicans that believe in America and will die to love and defend her" Somehow paraphrase those words to rename the schools