Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Victorious sunrise! The tarps are down... for good this time! In a move that caught us by surprise, city workers removed both tarps at 6:00 am this morning, before the official order could be written or the 15 day countdown begun! Lee and Jackson ride again!

We have had several inquires about the ongoing boycott, wondering if it would be lifted now that the tarps have been removed. 

Yes, the tarps are down, but only because of an order by a judge. Wes Bellamy and City Council are STILL trying to remove the monuments and STILL siding with the leftist extremists and promoting their false narrative of tying our memorials to “white supremacy” and “racism”.

The boycott has been very effective and is still VERY MUCH in place! By all means, go see the monuments, newly unveiled, but do not spend a dime in the city of Charlottesville.

We are savoring this victory in battle, but by no means sitting back and assuming the war is over.  The anarchists in Charlottesville have made it very clear that they plan on taking matters into their own hands if the judge did not rule their way and we are lining up patrols to keep an eye on the memorials. 

Please contact us at if you would like to volunteer to assist in this endeavor.

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S. P. Gambone said...

This might be a good time to surprise the PC Fascist team while increasing your numbers with allied forces in the united cause to stop these lunatics.
The defensive actions you’re taking are protected by the most misquoted part of the Bill of Rights to the Constitution... the 13 word preamble of the Second Amendment. The misquote being the hyphenating of the words ‘well’ and ‘regulated’. There was no hyphen in the original document, easily confirmed by looking at an Official copy.
It is no coincidence that the preamble in its original form has the same number of words as the number of original States, the entire legal validity of our system of governance rests upon those ‘simple’ words. Here it is:
“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,”
That meticulously chosen phrasing was clearly created or guided in its creation by Euclidean trained thinkers. Trained by studying the methods, rules and laws governing Euclidean Geometry. Being one myself I know how a team of Euclideans work their magic. They create what we would now call “compressed” or “zipped” files. The super-compressed, zipped file that is the 13 word preamble needs to be properly unzipped or expanded to truly understand the intent and how it applies to you present day Confederates.
A “militia” is not necessarily armed, they can be but that is not a requirement. It is up to the “militia”, a “collection of 1 or more citizens” to make the call in any given situation. We know that’s how it works for our military and our police. They chose the best level of armament based upon the situation.
Euclideans introduce rules that are true for all numbers. Even a “militia” of one citizen is included in the intent of the preamble. One, ten, ten billion... the rule is independent of any specific number.
The word “regulated” through the first pass of the Euclidean decompression algorithm gets replaced with: “‘controlled or directed (by rule or principle)”
A well controlled or directed (by rule or principle) collection of 1 or more citizen defenders is necessary to the security of our system of laws and governance... and the actions of that armed or unarmed militia cannot and shall not be infringed by any elected official, citizen, Court, military, police or government agency.
The defensive actions you Flaggers are taking are protected by the 13 word preamble to the Second Amendment.
A simple move to up the ante in this anti-fascism game is for the Virginia Flaggers to notify State and local authorities, the NRA and those morons about all this. And that you WILL enforce the law as a Constitutionally protected militia. That as such, if that militia is a militia of one citizen alone who is severely outnumbered that the use of deadly force by that lone militia member is as protected by the Constitution as it is for a single, outnumbered police officer.
The NRA will join your battle while elected officials and the snowflake team freak out.

S. P. Gambone said...

Let me add more legal defense arguments for Team Flagger ‘cuz we all know how the snowflakes and other loonies like PC politicians will respond to any actions based on that previous comment of mine.
Clearly there is no intent in there that says that any militia formed and protected under the Second Amendment can just start blasting idiots just ‘cuz they feel like it.
A proper, Constitutional militia MUST be properly guided by rule or principle. ‘Rule’ as in the rules prescribed in or under the Constitution itself. Overriding ‘Principles’ as established in what was originally called the True Bill of Rights, what we now call the Declaration of Independence.
A common, and ridiculous, liberal argument is that the militia mentioned in the preamble to the Second Amendment means the Army or some professional military of the Government. The Constitution itself blasts that idea into bits. It does so within the prescribed Powers of the President.
The President is Commander in Chief of the Army, Navy and of ... wait for it...
“...the militia of the several States...”
The PC morons there in Virginia have given both the VA Flaggers and President Trump a whole lot more power to act, power backed by the Constitution and its Amendments.
What that lone militia member with a built in authorization to use deadly force represents is an unfired shot that will be heard ‘round the world. At the absolute minimum, a well regulated militia of even one citizen has all the same level of powers as police do. Ours is a bottom-up Government, all government powers come from the People. The police can have no power that the People themselves do not possess first.
The snowflakes you’re dealing with hate President Trump having any power at all even more than they hate Robert E. Lee. They will not like this.

It should also be noted that the slaughters occurring in our public schools are happening because the children have been denied their Second Amendment protections. They have an undeniable, unalienable right to protections provided by a well regulated militia.
The Right to bear arms was legally established long before 1776. However, it was the additional restrictions and protections established in the 13 word preamble that created a third and Founding line of defense of Liberty. The preamble was based on a long established idea that works like a rule lurking within a very deadly game.

Any group who is denied protections associated with the Right to bear arms is at an increased risk of death. School children have been denied such protections and so they are dying.

S. P. Gambone said...

I’ll illustrate how Second Amendment protections work with two related scenarios.

Initiating Scenario: A person licensed to carry concealed is across the street from a school. Upon hearing gunfire followed by horrific screams of children the gun owner pulls out the gun and dashes across the street. After a few calming breaths the gun owner runs into the school. Quickly confirming one child is dead and many others are about to die the gun owner shoots and kills the assailant.

Scenario Variation: A 100 pound woman licensed to carry concealed is across the street from a school. Upon hearing gunfire followed by the horrific screams of children the gun owner pulls out her gun and dashes across the street. She is immediately stopped on that closer sidewalk by a 250 pound anti-gun snowflake. The snowflake points out that bringing a gun into a school is illegal and that this is a matter for the police. While overpowering, disarming and detaining the woman the snowflake calls 911. The 911 dispatcher confirms the snowflake claim that the woman should be detained for she has no legal authority in the matter; it’s a police concern. Three minutes later the police arrive just as gunfire stops, the final shot being the assailant killing himself. The disarmed woman’s teacher/husband along with her 3 children lie among the dead. The rest of the dead are all children from the woman’s neighborhood. In total, 1 teacher and 37 children are dead.

The first thing to note about the variation is that there is no mention that the snowflake is actually human. That’s because it is simply a name representing an “overpowering, disarming” belief system that “detains” the actions of a lone gun owner. And the 911 dispatcher represents a legal opinion on that overpowering belief system.

And all should admit that nobody saw that coming as part of the mathematical analysis of those two scenarios.

Illustrating an important rule about Euclideans. We Euclideans can be really sneaky with every little thing; anything we have a hand in can be much, much more than it appears to be.

The second thing to note about the variation is that the death rate for the children is far worse than that of the Holocaust. A rate of 12 dead children per minute is the equivalent of all the deaths of Jews killed by Hitler occurring in one year. 12 per minute x 60 minutes per hour x 24 hours x 365 days = 6,307,200.

Those Jews were unprotected by the Second Amendment. They faced religious persecution without protection.

The third thing to note is that there are two Amendments violated. The First Amendment prohibition of any law that respects an establishment of religion i.e. the snowflake religious belief system, written into law and protected by an unconstitutional legal opinion. Combined with detaining and interfering with a well regulated militia of one. A violation of the Second Amendment.

Law abiding gun owners are being persecuted by fanatics of the anti-gun snowflake religious belief system. And it is the unprotected children who are paying the price.
Why are public school staff not even given a bottle of pepper spray or a taser to protect children’s lives?

Because adherents to the anti-gun PC religion worship government as their deity and they’ll persecute anyone who violates their religious beliefs.

So Flaggers, notify the various authorities of even just the NRA and watch the snowflakes melt during these dawning days of America's Spring.

S. P. Gambone said...

Obviously, we copperheads and you Confederates need to better arm our Allies in the NRA in this “unfired shot heard ‘round the world” thing.

The NRA barely squeaks by with a passable grade in keeping the Nation sufficiently armed with real guns. No big surprise given their limited resources standing alone against such overwhelming forces. So giving them more powerful words and ideas for their verbal arsenal makes sense.

Well-chosen short, educational, blasts should do the trick. Noting that we are not the first “fake news” generation. The fake news of its day being a major cause of the War Between the States.

Suggest to NRA leaders, or any leaders joining our Allied team for that matter, reading these two quotes without immediate attribution of the sources.

Quote 1: “I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races, that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.”

Quote 2: “I love the Union and the Constitution, but I would rather leave the Union with the Constitution than remain in the Union without it.”

After a brief pause for listeners to consider what belief system they prefer the leader can state, “Given the first quote belongs to Abraham Lincoln. I chose to do the right thing and stand with Jefferson Davis, his words, and his present day Confederate team in our mutual defense of the Constitution.”

Adding something about Klansman and white supremacists really needing to smarten up and have their rallies at the Lincoln Memorial. Lincoln being their true hero, clearly stating their beliefs while he diligently worked on his plan to get the inferior Africans out of this country.

The Jefferson Davis team being way too pro-Jewish for those that SHS calls the freaks in sheets. Robert E. Lee being the General who respected the religious beliefs of his Jewish soldiers by allowing them to worship according to Jewish tradition. Also noting that Jews were the largest ethnic group on the Lee and Davis team.

S. P. Gambone said...

You Flaggers might also want to report those anti-Confederate PC dolts to Homeland Security for threatened acts of domestic terror. ‘Cuz their fellow fools in Hollywood and NBC just did all the legwork documenting who’s responsible for this age of terrorism we’re still in.

NBC Olympic coverage positively oozed sickly sweet PC religious beliefs. It was like being smothered in mind-numbing, artificially sweetened, non-nutritive honey. Starting with their usual John Lennon tribute to the PC adored Vladimir Lenin belief system.

Imagine there’s no heaven. The PC teaching, “god is dead”.
No hell below us. They have us living there instead.
Imagine PC people dumber than a stump.
Oh ho ho. You may say I’m a dreamer.
No... no... no.
I’m born in the USA.
Oh can you see if you join them...
what they won’t let you think or ever say?

Anyway on that last Sunday, the over-the-top NBC-PC-Religion Olympic coverage actually snow-jobbed higher than Johnny Weir’s hairdo. They aired ‘1968’, a PC propaganda slick-flick clearly designed for the DemoCribbed Kiddy crowd. A childish, Teletubby version of the history of 1968’s Olympiad XIX.

The trio of black terrorist stooges back circa 68-72 were Black Panthers, Black Power and Black September. The '1968' slick-flick only hailed/heiled Black Panthers and Black Power because their sister terrorists of Black September slaughtered innocent Olympians in the ’72 Munich Massacre of Olympiad XX.

That gives us everything needed to prove those fools you’re dealing with are the terrorist spawn of those Black Power knuckleheads of the sixties. Just new faces of old terroristic ideals.

So consider giving PC Republicans a chance to redeem their souls and be born again. This time within the heart and spirit of America. They coveted the dark power and political currency that PC Democrats wielded and it cost those Republicans dearly.

Aim any of those fallen Republicans that show up on your Confederated doorstep right at NBC with a demand for equal time for political rebuttal. There’s no Fairness Doctrine anymore. The slick-flick producers of ‘1968’ called their PC-Religious drivel a ‘documentary’ to skirt around the equal time rule.

Let’s see if the Republicans can do the work needed to help free the people from this PC insanity plague by freeing themselves first.

S. P. Gambone said...

Allow me to switch expert hats to give you folks some important tactical advice on that “boycott” you’re engaged in. It’s likely that I’m the Nation’s leading expert on such things... simply because I’m the only person in the country naively stupid enough to apply for a job nobody else wanted. Hey, it’s not bragging if it’s true.

What you Flaggers are directing at Charlottesville is more precisely called a ‘girlscott’, something tactically different from a boycott. As my bad luck would have it, I was an uncommon commoner involved in the most successful, world renowned girlscott in US history.

In the 2014 days of hyper-partisanship a diverse group of citizens banded together. Citizens from across the political and economic spectrum joined as one in shared beliefs. Conservatives and liberals... Democrats, Republicans and Independents... rich and poor... a diverse group of citizens united for a common good.

At a time of great dis-unity here in America, the cradle of Liberty, a tiny miracle of unity was born in a basket. The Market Basket Miracle.

And though I was but a small fish in that great sea of events, being Euclidean trained, I learned some of the rules of the game.

You’ll need to change battle tactics to avoid the collateral damage you may already be noticing. Girlscotts fail when that collateral damage situation is not dealt with effectively. Everyone in Charlottesville needed to feel the initial sting of your opening salvos to understand that you need to be taken seriously.

An unspent dime works like a small artillery shell of economic destruction. That small deprivation creates a hotspot, a small economic crater in the financial bottom line of our opposition. A spent dime is a seed of economic growth, the start of building a hill of wealth for our allies.

The basic rules governing the success of a girlscott ain’t rocket science. Punish your opposition, reward your allies with the same dime... AND keep your receipts of the directed spending.

Now’s the time to start rewarding your Charlottesville allies to keep those businesses alive and flourishing. Think of it like the Jewish Passover. A small Confederate Flag on the door not only protects that business from the girlscott’s destructive power, it grows the business with redirected dimes. The bonus to thinking of it like Passover is those freaks in sheets and flag stealing white supremacist morons are not known to be the biggest fans of the Jews. Those dolts will have to go back to insulting some other flag ‘cuz the Dixie Cross has way too much pro-Jewish history to it.

{To protect the businesses displaying the Dixie Cross have them also post Lincoln’s racist quote with his name in big letters with a big red circle and slash line superimposed. A heart around the Dixie cross helps with the simple symbolism.}

Saving or getting copies of the receipts of those redirected dimes is a lesson learned from the Market Basket Miracle. The opposition always tries to hide the economic losses in a girlscott. With the total accurately documented, that total can be used to show the opposition what stupid business decisions they’re making by supporting those anti-Confederate, anti-Constitutional, anti-US Nazis.

There’s more to it as the girlscott battle continues on but that’s the basics for now.

S. P. Gambone said...

That plan of mine to protect businesses displaying the Dixie Cross only works up close in a leisurely, walk-by way. For drive-by education the symbols and words need to click fast. An image of Lincoln with the red stop circle over it, with the words: “Lincoln’s Plan: DEPORT BLACKS!”

With the Confederate Flag the words: “Lee’s Actions: Protect Jewish Rights!”

That’s just food for thought to get similar ideas going.

Now whether we call this action a boycott, a girlcott or a girlscott there are rules to the game for increasing the odds for success. As the action continues there becomes more of a need to help our supporters living in the economic warzone. That’s a good way to think of it, a non-violent warzone.

How do our elderly or disabled supporters get their supplies? They want to lend their support but there may be no pro-Confederate place for them to shop. Do we treat it like the Berlin Airlift and truck in supplies? Take their cash to some pro-Confederate store and buy supplies for them there? Do we bus the people out of Charlottesville once a week like refugees? They already are economic refugees in a war zone whether people know it or not.

So consider ideas like posting signs outside Charlottesville at pro-Confederate places: “Charlottesville Refugees Welcome.”

Every battle for Liberty is a battle for the hearts and minds of the people... and so is every battle for ending Liberty with oppression. And there’s a lot of PC fake news that needs to be corrected with truth.

Businesses on our team could be ‘racist-Lincoln penny-free’ establishments. Nobody likes dealing with pennies anyway. Brand them as racist because of Lincoln’s racist views and boot their use out of the Confederacy.

There are always problems that need to be dealt with simultaneously because every positive action can have a negative side effect. We know posting Confederate Flags on doors will draw the white supremacists who will be more than happy to speak for Confederates. The PC fascists will do the same. Every Flag needs the protection of words and symbols that speak the truth.

“Heritage not Hate” needs the protection of “STOP Lincoln’s Hate” to get the truth out there. Our team never gets a fair chance to speak, we must use other methods to communicate.

S. P. Gambone said...

I’m curious Flaggers. Have you ever considered the “smaller is better” idea?

I think the associated set of rules applies in this Charlottesville action of yours. You don’t want throngs entering Charlottesville to attend a pro-Confederate rally, and there’s really no need given modern broadcast technology. However you aren’t ceding Charlottesville over to enemy forces either.

So let’s say a group of maybe 13 Confederate All Stars opts to gather for something or other. There’s really no need for any parade or assembly permit at that number, is there? If you broadcast the small event you’d be covered by the freedom of the press, I assume? Then your supporters can watch from afar.

As a courtesy you could notify police that you’re just using some Charlottesville landmark or other as a backdrop like the media always does. And that you’re advising all others to stay away to respect the boycott, or whatever you want to call it.

Sadly, being dubbed a copperhead in these things I suffer from the common misfortune of not being born a Confederate. If I could cast some votes for a Confederate All Star team I’d go for folks like Arlene Barnum, Andrew Duncomb, H. K., Maeve, and that intimidating dude with the crossbow Morris Lee Mires.

The idea being highlighting the diversity of the Confederate team. You gotta figure the white supremacists will avoid you diversely Confederate folks and they’ll let you have your little broadcast gathering in peace.

Plus a small gathering can be peacefully assembled quickly for rapid response to any given situation. Just sayin’.

S. P. Gambone said...

to: the Southern Historical Society , the Virginia Flaggers and the polymathic C.W. Roden

to all whom it may concern,

All indications up here in this liberal lunatic asylum of the CommieWealth of Massachusetts suggest we’re nearing the end of this remake of the War Between the States. Still decisive battles to win of course. However, the most important battle is still up for grabs. The provably true major causes of the War itself. Properly armed with that multifaceted truth you modern day Confederates should be able to stop this from happening again.

Jefferson Davis et al had absolutely no choice. There was, and still is, a Constitutional mandate to separate from the Union under the rules of our system of governance in a situation like that. The last chance for the Supreme Court to stop the Civil War was its flawed December 1854 decision in the case of Carpenter v Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It’s not hard to prove the flaw exists but I’ll start with other major factors.

This once great Nation began with what’s legally called ‘mutual assent’, often referred to as a meeting of minds in mutual agreement. The Northern States were working mostly by ‘express’ assent; the expressly written or spoken form of agreement. Southern States going mostly by ‘implied’ assent; where conduct or behavior implies agreement.

A simple but powerful example of that involves the 3/5 rule used in the counting of slaves in the population. The racist Northern view clearly shows they took that to mean 3/5 of a human. Abraham Lincoln’s racist campaign rhetoric of the inferiority of blacks concurs with that interpretation of that simple fraction. Those who voted for Lincoln signed onto that racist interpretation of the legal fraction by express and implied mutual assent.

Your Southern ancestors, clearly by the implied assent of their behavior patterns, took that fraction to mean that slaves were indeed equally human but only 3/5’s of the way to becoming citizens. The job of training those future citizens from Africa was made infinitely more difficult by the horrific conditions on Yankee slave ships. You never get a second chance to make a first impression and white Yankee slavers made a lasting first impression on blacks.

That level of such intense psychological harm cannot be undone for some people in their own lifetime. Even their children can suffer from the after effects, making them also too dangerous to be free and equal citizens. Separating black families, taking slave children away from the care of their emotionally damaged parents became a widespread necessity. It was the modern equivalent of an intuition based child protective services system of foster parent care.

No surprise to you folks the Yankees were clearly to blame and that info should help.

I suggest that whenever possible you Confederates expressly state the implied assent of your ancestors regarding the 3/5 rule. Turn their implied assent into express assent by openly stating it. Don’t waste your time educating our opposition with the details, send those fools running to lawyers and law books.

Simply state loud and clear, that your ancestors by their ‘implied assent’ treated slaves as equally human and 3/5’s of the way to full citizenship.