Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Violent Mob Destroys Confederate Memorial in North Carolina

Durham, NC August 14, 2017.  A violent mob of protestors marched through the streets of Durham after tearing down and destroying the top of the Confederate monument at the courthouse.  Police and county officials on the scene stood back and videoed the crimes, but did nothing to stop the vandalism and destruction.
When I see the photo above, I immediately think about that mother, who sent her brave, young son off to war and went to her grave NEVER knowing his final resting place. I think of this monument, in his home town that may very well be the only grave marker he ever had...and I see this pond scum tearing down and desecrating what is, essentially, his grave, and I am driven to rage. 
After a firestorm of emails, phone calls and complaints from angry residents, Durham County Sheriff Mike Andrews announced this morning that they are reviewing video and "working to identify those responsible".


While this is a good start, it is not enough.

Please call the Durham County Sheriff's office at (919) 560-0897 and ask why they did not stop this crime when it was in progress and demand that the criminals be brought to justice.

Photos this morning showed the damaged and twisted statue of the soldier had been removed from the courthouse lawn.  Concerned it had been stolen, we contacted Durham County officials who confirmed that the statue was in their possession and informed us that they would be holding a 1:00 pm press conference to share more information.

We ask that you also contact the Durham County Clerk (919) 560-0025 and the County Commissioner (919) 569-0000 and ask what they are going to do about assisting with the prosecuting the criminals and repairing and replacing the monument as soon as possible.

Folks, if this kind of mob rule is allowed to stand, we will see it repeated across this country.  It's time WE make some noise and let officials know that we will not sit back and watch this illegal and immoral destruction of our sacred memorials.

We heard from many of you who have formed informal monument guards and are checking in on the monuments in your area.  We encourage you to check with your local officials and inquire about additional security and protection during this time of unrest and violence directed at our monuments and memorials. 

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Mauriel Joslyn said...

One of the thugs is this one, who posted his pic on FB destroying the statue.