Monday, August 14, 2017

Violent Antifa Mob Marches Through Richmond Streets:Citizens Assaulted, J.E.B. Stuart Memorial Temporarily Defiled

On Sunday evening, August 14th, our monument guards were on duty in the Capital of the Confederacy, concerned about the anti-Confederate violence that had escalated over the weekend.  Late in the evening, they noticed a heavy police presence at the LEE monument, and were informed that a group of protestors had taken to the streets and were marching to Monument Avenue from VCU.

Their original destination was the LEE monument, but Capitol and State Police had the LEE Monument surrounded and protected.  Turned away, the mob moved down the street toward the J.E.B. Stuart monument, and attempted to stop us from approaching the scene.  One of the protestors brandished a rifle and told the monument guards to stay away “for their own good”.  We later learned that the participants used intimidation tactics like this throughout the illegal, un-permitted march.
When they reached the J.E.B. Stuart monument, they proceeded to climb on the monument and tie an ANTIFA flag to the magnificent statue.  Our Monument Guards notified Richmond Police, who immediately dispatched Richmond Fire to bring a truck to remove the desecration.

Video here:

Many thanks to those who helped restore the monument, and to the Monument Guards who kept watch during a very stressful and dangerous night.

At least one person was arrested, and a TV6 video journalist was assaulted and received medical treatment during the illegal march through the streets, where participants carried Antifa flags and banners and shouted "F*** the police"   "Take down the monuments. Death to all Confederates" and " "We're here. We're gay. We fight the KKK."
What is Antifa? Read about them here:

We are thankful that there was no further damage to our sacred memorials overnight, and will be stepping up our patrols over the coming days and weeks.  If you would like to assist with this endeavor, please contact us at

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