Thursday, August 3, 2017

Silver Lining: Massive Confederate Flags in Danville, VA Double as Yankee/Scalawag/Carpetbagger Repellent

True story out of Danville: a realtor was showing a couple around town. They were transferring from New York. When they passed the first giant battle flag, the couple expressed concern but the realtor explained about the history and heritage of Danville being the last Capital of the Confederacy and they seemed to accept the explanation . When they passed the second flag he repeated the information and the wife, who was seated in the back seat, appeared shaken. After passing a THIRD flag, the wife leans up and whispers into her husband's ear, at which time the man turns to the realtor and tells him that he can cut the house hunting short because they would NOT be moving to Danville, Virginia.

It seems our giant beautiful flags serve yet another useful purpose: Yankee/carpetbagger repellent!
You're welcome, Danville!
AUGUST 6, 2017, will mark TWO YEARS since Danville City Council ordered the removal of one tiny Third National flag from the Confederate Monument on the grounds of the Sutherlin Mansion, the Last Capital of the Confederacy. Two years later, 16 massive battle flags now fill the Danville skyline, with more to come.

THEY kicked the anthill. Not us. #NeverForget

The Danville Heritage Preservation Association (HPA) will be marking the anniversary of the removal of the flag from the Confederate monument on the grounds of the Last Capital of the Confederacy this weekend.

This Saturday, August 5th, from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.  join the HPA for flagging at the Last Capital of the Confederacy.  Bring your Third National flag and be a part of those standing up and speaking out to defend our flag, and the honor of the Confederate soldier.  From the HPA event page:

The City of Danville violated their Resolution with HPA when they removed the flag from our gift to the City in the dark of night on August 6, 2015.  This monument erected March 26,1995 as a historical marker commemorating Danville's part in America's history.  Both the black and white community were in aggreement.   Some people are not aware this was the CSA flag removed.  This is a part of Danville's history yet it belongs to all Americans!  GIVE OUR GIFT RESPECT RETURN THE FLAG

On Sunday, August 6th:  The HPA will mark the second anniversary of the desecration of the monument at the Sutherlin mansion with a "Never Forget Motorcade".  From the HPA event page:

Join us for the 2nd anniversary marking the removal of the 3rd National flag from the monument at Sutherlin mansion.Meet at 265 bypass(access road) and step off 2:00 PM sharp. Gas up before you get there and arrive early to get route plan. You don't have to be a member to support our cause. Picnic afterward at Dan Daniel park. Hot dogs,baked beans and chips provided by HPA. BRING YOUR OWN DRINKS.****** NO ALCOHOL***** Heritage preservation Association reserves to right to deny anyone from participating in this event.Remember to be respectful and always obey all traffic laws.
Our guardians of the flags in Danville have been busy over the last few weeks replacing and repairing flags at all 16 sites to get ready for the anniversary activities  Join us in Danville THIS WEEKEND, for a chance to see all 16 flags, including Virginia's largest, flying high in the Confederate Flag Capital of the Universe, and help us remind the Danville City Council that we will NEVER FORGET.

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