Thursday, October 20, 2016

Confederate Battle Flags Returning Across the Commonwealth

We have received numerous calls, messages, and email communications with concerns about missing flags, especially regarding the largest flags on Rt. 29 in Danville.  Social media was ripe with haters prematurely celebrating the fact that someone had “finally gotten those flags removed”.  #NotSoFast

When our Guardians lowered the flags ahead of Hurricane Matthew, we asked them to carefully inspect the flags and ropes for wear.  Several flags were found to have minor tears and in need of repair and one rope had to be replaced.  As you can imagine, this is not an easy task and the repairs took a bit longer than we had anticipated, but we have found that if we catch these tears early, they are easier to repair and saves on flag replacement costs in the long run.

I am happy to report that thanks to our friends at SkyHigh Poles in Danville, the large flags on 29 were raised once again today in Danville, completing several weeks of repairs and replacements on all 14 flags there.

A new flag arrived in Lexington today to replace the one at our Jackson Farm site, and we are working on getting a replacement up to Fredericksburg in the next few days.  By the weekend, all 26 of our existing sites will be up and flying, with the exception of our first site in Chester, which is undergoing site upgrades.

Once again, we offer our most sincere thanks to all of those who volunteer to help maintain these sites across the Commonwealth, the hundreds of folks who alert us to missing and damaged flags, and to all of our supporters whose financial support makes the construction and maintenance of these memorial sites possible.

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