Sunday, October 9, 2016

13 New Confederate Headstones Dedicated at Shockoe Hill Cemetery

Adopt A Soldier Program of Shockoe Hill Cemetery:  Setting the standard in honoring the fallen

 I had the honor today of attending and participating in the Fall Marker Dedication Ceremony at Shockoe Hill Cemetery. The oldest city owned cemetery in Richmond, Shockoe Hill Cemetery is the final resting place of veterans from every conflict from the War of 1812 through the Vietnam War.  In 2014, the Friends of Shockoe Hill Cemetery kicked off the "Adopt a Soldier" program, seeking donations to obtain and install headstones for the veterans' graves that are unmarked, including an estimated 200 Confederate soldiers.

Since 2014, 38 veterans' graves have been marked, including 27 in 2016 alone!  Clayton Shepherd, President of the Friends of Shockoe Hill Cemetery reported that the record 27 graves marked this year represented an almost 50% increase over their goal, for the year, which was set at 16.

The ceremony today was held to dedicate 15 new markers...
2 for veterans of the War of 1812, and 13 Confederate Veterans:

Private Patrick Brady, Co. B, 2nd Bn Mississippi Infantry
Private Farrell Radican, Co. E, 48th Mississippi Infantry
Private Charles Stillman, Co. C, 2nd Bn Mississippi Infantry
Private David S. Brown, Co. B, 10th Bn Georgia Infantry
Private John W. Blunt, Co. C, 1st Bn Virginia Infantry, ocal Defense
Private John Rowland, Carrington’s Company, 19th Regiment Virginia Militia, War of 1812
Private John J.H. Brower, Company H, 15th Virginia
Sergeant John J. Throckmorton, Co. C, 10th Bn, Virginia Heavy Artillery (Allen's)
Private William E. Bottom, Co. A, 15th North Carolina Infantry (State Troops)
Assistant Surgeon William T. Gregory, 13th Virginia Cavalry
Private Thomas W. Collier, Coffin's Company, Virginia Heavy Artillery
Private Robert T. Collier, Co. D, 12th Louisiana Heavy Artillery
Private Hilary Baker, 19th Regiment (Ambler’s), Virginia Militia, War of 1812
Private Benjamin W. Figg, co. A, 10th Bn, Virginia Heavy Artillery (Allen's)
Private John P. (Jack) Mackin, Co. F, 24th Georgia Infantry

Saturday's heavy rain cleared out for the ceremony, but the wind picked up and made for a blustery and cool, but beautiful afternoon and several dozen gathered for the service, which included poetry reading, special remarks from the descendants of two of the men honored, a flag presentation ceremony, and bagpipe music.


For the Va Flaggers, it was a very special day because one of the markers dedicated was for a resident of the Old Soldiers Home in Richmond.  Private John J. H. Brower, Company H, 15th Virginia Infantry enlisted in the 15th Virginia Infantry Regiment on 27 April 1861 at Richmond, Virginia. He survived the war, and died at the Lee Camp Soldier's Home in Richmond. He was buried in Shockoe Hill Cemetery on 13 March 1918, his age listed as 72 in the burial record.

When we heard that one of the residents of the Old Soldiers Home did not have a headstone, it hit us close to home and touched our hearts, and we wanted to help.  We took up a collection at one of our meetings to cover the cost and were thrilled to get to see the new marker for the first time today!

After nearly 100 years lying in an unmarked grave, Private Brower's final resting place is now  properly marked and he will never be forgotten, thanks to the dedicated work of the Friends of Shockoe Hill Cemetery.  

The Va Flaggers are proud supporters of the Adopt a Soldier Program of Shockoe Hill Cemetery, and consider it a privilege to help share the news of the excellent work they are doing to mark the graves of our Confederate dead.

Typically, if the veteran qualifies for a VA supplied marker, sponsorship consists of covering the installation cost of $275 (mandatory fees set by the City of Richmond).

Each day, the program features the biography of a soldier whose grave has never been marked in their FaceBook posts, which can be found here:

For more information on how you or your organization can help, please contact Friends of Shockoe Hill Cemetery President Clayton Shepherd at or visit their website

Susan Hathaway
Va Flaggers
*Photos courtesy of Judy Smith Photography


C.W. Roden said...

Well done folks!

S. P. Gambone said...

"My friends and fellow-Americans, I honor the State of Virginia because she has taken charge of the Confederate veterans in their old age. All Americans must ever show nigh honor to the men of the War between the States, whether they wore the blue or whether they wore the gray, so long as they did their duty as the light was given them to see their duty with all of the strength that was in them. Here I greet you in the shadow of the statue of your commander, Gen. Robert E. Lee. You and he left us memories which are part of the memories bequeathed to the entire country by all the Americans who fought in the War between the States." -- President Theodore Roosevelt speaking to Confederate Veterans from R. E. Lee Camp Soldiers' Home 1905