Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Virginia Flagger Update: Delaware Grays

On Saturday, April 26th, I traveled to Georgetown, DE to the site of the Delaware Grays' Confederate monument, to give the keynote address at their annual Confederate Memorial Day Service.

While there, I learned that several counties in Delaware were strongly pro-Southern. When the war broke out, militias were forming in these counties, drilling and ready to head South to fight. When the U.S. Govt found out about the activities, they sent troops into Delaware. Anyone found to be a Southern Sympathizer was imprisoned at Ft. Delaware and the troops disbanded and most went South individually or in small groups to join the Confederate Army.

These men, along with any civilians who were imprisoned for speaking out for the South, are now honored on a monument that the Delaware Grays, Camp#2068, and The United Daughters of the Confederacy, Caleb Ross Chapter #2635 has erected.

Extensive research to identify these individuals continues today, and names are added as they are researched and verified.

I was moved to realize that these men, unlike their Southern compatriots who returned home to be treated as heroes, were actually forced to hide their service, were shunned and treated with contempt, in many cases after returning to their homes in Delaware. Thanks to these fine sons and daughters, they are now being honored, and will forever be remembered! More info here: http://www.descv.org/

One of the highlights was learning about and seeing a replica of the 15 star Confederate Battle Flag of General Lloyd Tighman of Maryland and Kentucky (killed at Champions Hill) The original recently sold at auction for $85,000. I had never heard of this flag and LOVED it's unique design. More info here: http://www.jeffbridgman.com/inventory/index.php?page=out&id=1561  

I had the pleasure of meeting the President of the Caleb Ross Chapter #2068, UDC and she treated my daughter and I to a wonderful lunch. Caleb Ross was the son of the Pro-Southern Governor of Delaware. Caleb was 18 when he joined the 9th Virginia Calvary Company H of the Confederate Army on June 22, 1861. Caleb contracted typhoid fever and died at Big Springs, Virginia on September 17, 1861 before seeing any action in the War.

The ceremony was beautiful and a moving tribute to Ross and all of the other Delaware Confederates honored there that day.

The Delaware Grays presented me with a Certificate of Appreciation, and donated a BEAUTIFUL John Paul Strain print to the Va Flaggers. The print, "The Spring Campaign" Buffalo Gap, VA, 1862... is beautifully framed and matted, and is available by auction here, with all proceeds going to the Va Flaggers!


MANY, MANY thanks to Commander Plummer and the men of the Delaware Grays for the wonderful hospitality, warm welcome, great supper and fellowship, and your outstanding and generous support of the Va Flaggers! God bless you today, and always!

Susan Hathaway

Virginia Flaggers
P.O. Box 547
Sandston VA 23150

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