Friday, April 11, 2014

Va Flaggers Update: "Rap Protestor" on the Boulevard

Over the past several weeks, one young man has shown up on Saturdays at the
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  He rides up on a tricycle, parks it near our
folks, and then proceeds to blast profanity-laced rap music very loudly,
for women, children, Museum visitors, tourists and residents to hear,

He even managed to get a little attention on a few ultra liberal media
sites when he put out the call for others to join him in his "Anti-
Confederate Rap Battle" to protest the Va Flaggers.

The first afternoon of his announced "rally", our Flaggers were at a
Memorial Service for the father of one of our Flaggers, but we sent someone
out to see how many folks had shown up to support his "cause".

Result:  Rain 1...Anti-Confederate Rappers 0

In conversations with this young man, who calls himself "Goad", he claims
that the reason he is protesting is because "y'all let white supremacists
in your group".  When asked where he got that kind of (utterly false)
information, he is quick to quote a certain Anti-Confederate Blogger and
Arizona professor as his source.

Apparently, the old saying that if you tell a lie long enough, you
eventually can find one nut to believe it, is true.

It appears that this blogger's failure at having stopped the I-95 Battle
Flag (and boy, did he try!), and our refusal to pack up and quit in the
face of repeated lies, slander, and personal attacks has really put him
into a tailspin, and he is grasping at straws so flimsy that he has to
resort to this kind of tactic.

The vile music that this young man is blasting on the sidewalk is profanity
laced, with repeated use of the "F" word, and many, many other disgusting
lyrics. It is offensive to the ladies of our group, and painful for our men to
have to endure...and yet we will.  We will stand and we will outlast this
misguided young man, just as we will outlast the Anti-Confederate Bloggers
and their few followers....because we have good and right on our side...
and they have ignorance and hate.

We have the memory and honor of Confederate Soldiers to defend... and the
blood of these brave men coursing through our veins.

They have ignorance and hate.

In the meantime, GREAT week for the Flaggers on the
coming soon!  :)

RETURN the flags!
RESTORE the honor!

Tommy Clinger
Virginia Flaggers
P.O. Box 547
Sandston VA 23150


Scot said...

Keep up the good work. This idiot will get bored or move on to something else soon enough.

Scot said...

Keep up the good work. This idiot will get bored or move on to something else soon enough.

Val Proto said...

Frankly, you should find someone in the group - or sympathetic to it - with a truck and rent a sound system (our local group did this!). Have it present at your gatherings and play good Southron music such as Bonnie Blue Flag, Dixie, I'm a Good Old Rebel, etc. You'll be a lot louder than him and the music will be better by far. A hymn or two would not go amiss.

John Hall said...

That vile yankee just won't give up will he...good thing he is not in Georgia where I reside. He might have a little problem continuing to be just an internet troll.

Proudfox13 said...

How much is Brooks Simpson paying Goad the Freak, to stand with his
rap box and signs, someone is paying him to do this.

Val Proto said...

Well, something good will come of this. He stands as a symbol for his point of view and obviously he is a valid symbol. That being the case, since he is what he is -- stupid and profane -- he is doing as much for our side by being there as some of our own folks. People cannot help but compare what he is with what we are -- and we gain by the comparison.