Saturday, April 5, 2014

Army of Northern Virginia Battle Flag Returns to Chester I-95 Memorial Battle Flag Site

The Army of Northern Virginia Battle Flag was raised again this morning at the Chester I-95 Flag Site! Confederate History and Heritage Month is alive and well in Virginia, despite the lack of official recognition from our Carpetbagger Governor. Our Confederate Veterans are honored and remembered this month... and EVERY DAY in Virginia...
for as long as we have breath!

Susan Hathaway
Virginia Flaggers


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Lisa Sees said...

Keep on waving there`s nothing wrong embrassing our heritage fly long &high may this flag never go down. it is heritage not hate, we hang flags for other countries for the foreigners that come and take our sources of living make us adjust to their languages when they aren`t even americans. Why can`t a true American flag from our country fly high in the sky. The flags that don`t represent Americans should be taken down. Our government is crap and the confederate flag should fly on all buildings along with the American flag. Our government is failing the American people more than ever in history, maybe the confederate flag hangs high to send a sign to the government not towards slavery people need to get over theirselves and look at the world and see how bad this economy has gotten we have more homeless schools being shot up people shooting children, killing each other, and yall are complaining about a flag that true Americans should embrass it as much as the American flag. Get real people and fight for our people getting aid, housing, jobs, safe schools , safe neighborhoods not harrasing people about an American flag.