Thursday, November 10, 2016

Veterans Monuments Vandalized in Richmond During "Peaceful Protests" of Election Results

"Live asses will kick at dead lions" ~ Admiral Raphael Semmes CSN

Overnight in Richmond, several of our monuments were vandalized by "peaceful protestors" when hundreds of VCU students marched through Richmond, blocking traffic on city streets and interstates, shouting obscenities, and protesting the election results.

Some time during the night, the Matthew Fontaine Maury and Jefferson Davis monuments were vandalized.  "YOUR VOTE WAS A HATE CRIME" was spray painted in red on both monuments.

We have inspected the monuments this morning and contacted Richmond Police and Richmond Parks & Rec, which overseas the monuments.  The police reported that an investigation is underway and the city has reportedly issued work orders for the removal of the graffiti.  We encourage you to keep the pressure on by calling (804) 646-1087 to inquire about the clean up. Let them know that these monuments are important and that you want them cleaned up ASAP. 

It was reported that the Robert E Lee monument was also desecrated.  (This monument is owned and maintained by the Commonwealth).  Calls to the State Capitol Police this morning were quickly returned and they reported that a work order had already been issued for clean up and that they intended to step up their evening patrols.   When we inspected the monument this morning, it appeared that clean up was already underway.

We let law enforcement know that we would be stepping up our Monument Guards as well over the next few days.  If you are in the Richmond area and would like to assist with these patrols, please contact us at for more information.


S. P. Gambone said...

A typical PC Fascist response when they don't get their way. They use the PC word-tool "hate speech" to deny their opposition the freedom of speech. Now they invented the "hate vote" to explain away the election results. Get ready for the claim that we're all suffering from Stockholm Syndrome... DemoKrauts are predictable in their reactions.

Meanwhile the Home Yankee Republicans of the Nikki Haley type are worth monitoring. Not exactly trustworthy. Important battles are won but the War against the PC Nazis isn't over yet. They're still in control of education systems and the media.

Confederates and Copperheads versus the PC Yankees and Home Yankees... and so we battle on.

Meade Skelton Haufe said...

They keep saying it was all VCU students, but I still believe George Soros is behind it. There is no way such a protest like that could be organized that quickly. People don't just show up in situations like that. A lot of them are paid by the Demoncrat party to do it. I also thought it was a slap in the face for the Democrats to offer a "go fund me" page to the Republican headquarters. The GOP HQ response that they should save it for "pregnancy crisis centers" was excellent!

mainestategop said...

Aw man!! Even Richmond VA is not safe from these lazy cannabis and alcohol soden bums! The people of that good town need to rise up and take out this garbage!