Thursday, November 3, 2016

Lexington Based Extremist Group Refuses Offer to Swap Parade Permits for Lee-Jackson/MLK Holiday

 "Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more. You should never wish to do less." Gen. Robert E. Lee, CSA


The Virginia Flaggers were disappointed, but certainly not surprised, when a representative of the extremist group “C.A.R.E. Rockbridge” notified us this morning of their intention to refuse our offer to swap parade permits.

The swap would have allowed the group to hold their event on the MLK holiday, Monday, January 16th, and would have permitted the traditional Lee-Jackson memorial services and parade to be held on Lee-Jackson Day, Saturday, January 14th.

The group’s refusal to agree to this logical swap proves that their motives in planning this protest had absolutely nothing to do with unity, “diversity”, or honoring the memory of Martin Luther King, as they have claimed.  Their sole intent was and remains to disrupt the historically peaceful Lee-Jackson commemorations and cause division and discord in the community.

The Virginia Flaggers are weighing our options and will be working with other groups to finalize our plans for the Lexington Lee-Jackson holiday in the coming days.  In the meantime, this disrespectful stunt by C.A.R.E. is likely to have quite the opposite effect from what they intended.  We have been contacted by folks from across the country who are making plans to rally to Lexington for the first time, in support of Lee and Jackson and in response to the actions taken by C.A.R.E.  We fully expect this will draw even more heritage supporters to Lexington and are looking forward to our biggest crowds yet.

Perhaps if the folks at C.A.R.E. would take the time to actually learn a bit about the character and valor of Lee & Jackson instead of  promoting hate, division, and false narratives, they would understand why we will not back down or be forced out of Lexington… the “Shrine of the South”… the town which holds the distinct honor of being the site of the final resting places of both great men.

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James Britt said...

Have you tried to get permission from VMI to use their parade grounds, since I believe that would be a most fitting place to honor Professor/General Thomas Jackson? They already highly honor him and his loyal stead there and in their excellent museum! I actually believe it would be more fitting because of Jackson's connection and General Lee and Traveller rest nearby at Lee's Chapel?