Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Shaking Off the Haters...

...and Keepin' the Skeer On

In the (almost) five years since the Va Flaggers burst onto the Heritage scene, I have, sadly, come to expect a steady stream of slander, baseless personal attacks, defamation and libel from several leftist, amateur historian bloggers who just can’t stand the fact that we won’t sit down, shut up, and believe exactly as they say we should. Shamed by their own repeatedly incorrect predictions, childish accusations, immature posts, and utter failure to accomplish anything other than drive more and more folks to our side with their antics, they had, for a period of time, retreated and attempted to refocus their blogs on their twisted view of “history”.

In recent months, a new crop of bloggers has made their presence known. These folks are made of leftist extremists of the “social justice warrior” nature. Their hate blogs, (or at least the ones we know of) are written anonymously, so there is absolutely no accountability, and are apparently authored by folks who have nothing else to do all day besides sit in their parents’ basements and look for “gotcha” moments on social media… and finding none…choose to fabricate their own, all the while hiding behind a fake identity.

I have been accused of aiding and abetting kidnapping, of equipment theft,  Klan membership,  and planting flag poles on top of dead soldiers. All of the accusations, of course, proved to be false and none were based on our actions, words, or deeds, but rather on some 7th degree of separation connection to someone they believe is a BAD person (i.e. doesn’t think like them). This new outlet has given the so-called “history” bloggers a way of continuing their assaults, without it having to come from THEM, which was, as you can imagine, causing them a lot of trouble in their “academic circle”. Who wants to invite a speaker for an historical lecture, whose most recent post concerned the color of the dress of the head of the Virginia Flaggers? Now they can work WITH these “anonymous” bloggers and share the information they gather, without any direct liability. “I didn’t say it, HE did…but here’s the link. *Wink, wink.”

The latest brouhaha involves the arrest of a man from northern Virginia on child pornography charges. Although this individual was never a Virginia Flagger, never organized any events for the Virginia Flaggers, nor was ever a “regular fixture” at our events, this is exactly what was “reported” in one of their faux news stories. By my calculations, in 2015, the Virginia Flaggers, organized and held over 150 events, including the bi-weekly flaggings in Richmond. Multiply this by the almost five years that we have been in existence and that’s over 750 events, attended by thousands of people and documented by thousands of photos posted online. The man accused of this heinous crime, by our best guess, and by a cursory glance at these photos, attended maybe 3 of those events, at most. We knew him, but certainly knew nothing of his illegal activity until someone alerted us of his arrest a few days ago. To try and somehow link him and his criminal activity to our organization and the good folks who forward the colors every week as Virginia Flaggers is laughable…and that’s exactly how we react to every new attempt to “get us”. We laugh out loud. Literally.

I stopped reading any of the blogs over a year ago. Every now and then a friend, or (God forbid) family member will stumble upon one of the posts, is shocked by the garbage they find, and will send me a link, wanting to notify me and warn me. I appreciate the concern very much, but even then I do not even click the link. We have folks who monitor the hate, and if there is something that I need to know about, that concerns the safety of me, my family, or any of our Flaggers, I am alerted, as are the proper authorities. Otherwise, I refuse to waste my time and attention on folks who deserve neither.

One year after Nikki Haley THOUGHT she was going to pander her way into the White House, and lead her party and the country in a cultural cleansing of our history and heritage, there are more flags flying now than ever before and more folks waking up to the TRUTH about our Cause and the flags under which our ancestors fought and died. So…when I’m asked what am I going to “do” about these people who continue to publish their filthy lies…the answer is NOTHING. Don’t get me wrong, we are looking into hiring private investigators to unmask the cowards and allow us to properly serve them with applicable lawsuits, but I won’t waste a minute of our time making statements about or reacting to their garbage. Our words, deeds, and actions speak for themselves. We will continue to press forward, not waste time looking back or losing focus on why God called us to stand up and step out in the first place. These people hate us…not because they believe we are “racists”…they know for a fact that is not true…but because we are the living, breathing embodiment of the righteous and Godly Cause for which our forefathers fought, bled, and died.

We refuse to go away quietly or stand down when threatened…and THAT scares them to death.

Susan Hathaway
Va Flaggers
“Blessed be the LORD my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight.” Psalm 144:1

Photo: Florida Division SCV First Annual Confederate Flag Day Ceremony, Confederate Memorial Park, Tampa, FL, March 5, 2016

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S. P. Gambone said...

Those haters you’re writing about are following the longtime PC Fascist pattern. It’s been going on here in Massachusetts for decades. First chance they get, the PC brand you guilty by association. Meanwhile the same rules are violated by the PC whenever one of their thugs does something stupid or deadly.

So if anybody bad even stops for a free coffee at any anti-PC or pro-Confederate rally the PC vermin attack everyone there as being “equals”. Yet the PC have no problem at all ‘distancing’ themselves from evil when needed.

Anthony Hervey was killed after Nikki Haley surrendered the Confederate Flag to the Black Lives Matter cop-killer extremists. Hervey’s black life didn’t matter to Haley or anybody else on the PC team. Then some BLM members called for killing people and posting a video of the crime online. A rainbow flagger did just that when he gunned down two ABC news people in Virginia. The PC quickly disavowed any association with the hate crime, and protected the PC approved rainbow flag to boot.

It’s useful to note the pattern to respond on media websites when needed. The little bird brain haters have bigger allies.

As for Haley... Hervey’s Equation: White Guilt = Black Oppression, reveals Haley’s inner demons.

Just before his death Hervey spoke of India’s present day oppression of blacks; racial oppression that predates Christopher Columbus. In the India culture of Haley’s parents and her ancestors people of Haley’s fair complexion are the master race; the racial superiors of all others. Translating from the India system to the US system puts Haley in with the white supremacist groups here.

The families of the South Carolina church massacre forgave the killer; an act of Christian greatness... by black people. Haley wasn’t fully Southernized... that can take generations. Still tied to her racist India ancestors Haley ignored the US Christian wisdom of her black inferiors.

There’s absolutely no way Haley could grow up in the South and not see black and white folks with Confederate Heritage getting along. But she had to free herself of her India “white” supremacist guilt somehow. The PC media were more than happy to reward her on that day she sold her soul to the PC devil... and then many deaths followed.

Anthony Hervey, two ABC news people, a Houston Deputy at a gas station, other last year. An Auburn Police Officer up here this May... and now all initial indications suggest Dallas. There’s no point in anybody seeking vengeance against Haley for her actions.

A far Higher Authority will deal with her eventually.