Sunday, July 10, 2016

Respect and Honor Where Due

For the record, and so there is no misunderstanding our position, the Virginia Flaggers stand unreservedly and and firmly with the brave men and women who serve in law enforcement across the Commonwealth and beyond.

While we absolutely advocate justice in the isolated cases of wrongdoing, we must not tolerate nor condone an all-out war on those who put their lives at risk every day to protect us. The violence and hate directed at our men and women in blue must end.

We are committed to showing you the respect and honor you deserve. We thank you for all that you have done to protect us and assist us when needed. We appreciate you. We are behind you 100%. May God bless and protect all those who serve and protect.

The Virginia Flaggers


S. P. Gambone said...

Dallas and other assassinations of Police Officers such as Officer Tarentino up here in Massachusetts make it a certainty. Black Lives Matter is the Fifth Reich. A bunch of black supremacist, U.S. hating Nazis.

The white supremacy movement failed as the Fourth Reich and now we’re overrun with black supremacist Fifth Reich Nazis.

PC Progressive Democrats, PC Progressive Republicans such as like Nikki Haley, PC Progressive media and the PC Progressive Public are in control of the “conversations”. All those fascist PC Progressive Fifth Columnists, acting as a collective, are the updated version of Nazi Germany. The 5R Nazis couldn’t even take a day off out of respect for the slain Dallas Officers and more cops got attacked across the US as a result.

Those ““isolated cases of wrong doing” you wrote about aren’t what they appear. Since before Ferguson the Fifth Reich has been setting up cops to look bad. It’s a self-perpetuating, repeating pattern promoted by the PC... a deadly statistical numbers game.

Disrespect of Police leads to confrontations, the confrontations increase the odds of bad incidents. Those bad incidents get promoted by PC Politicians, PC Press and PC Public which then creates greater disrespect of Police and the Legal System, thus leading to more confrontations.

There is no doubt. “Black Lives Matter” translates into “Black Lives Uber Alles”.

They are the Fifth Reich so it’s time for a new equation...

BLM = 5R

S. P. Gambone said...

Given that Black Lives Matter movement is the Fifth Reich there’s a need for a further clarification in writing. So I’ll save you folks the trouble of doing the typing.

We all know what’s coming when word of the Fifth Reich gets noticed by the PC Media. They’ll run to the first Confederate Flag hijacking, white supremacist moron and anoint that racist dolt our “official” spokesperson. They’ve done it before, they’ll do it again.

It simply isn’t possible for blacks in the U.S. to launch a full blown, successful Fifth Reich. There aren’t enough black people in the whole country to make a new Reich like that viable. With so many Police Officers killed we all know there are others empowering this Nazi infestation.

The Fifth Reich is similar to its two predecessors with a historical twist. The failed Fourth Reich as well as the Third Reich were powered by white people. Obviously, the same is true with this Fifth Reich. White people are cheering on and empowering blacks and getting them to man the front lines of conflict with the Police.

Making the Fifth Reich black supremacy movement White Power/Black face. A white majority operating in the background and a black minority there within the deadliest zone in the foreground. And that isn’t new. The same thing happened in the Union forces during the War Between the States. The North used black soldiers as human shields. They left wounded black soldiers to die on the battlefields; only picking up and treating wounded white soldiers.

None of this is really news to our team but we needed it all in writing so that everyone’s prepared for the PC disinformation campaign that’s headed straight for us.
The media will spin our calling out the Fifth Reich for what they are. And then brand us as racists... again. Knowing they will do so we can prepare to counter with the truth.

Innocent black lives and blue lives are endangered by a group of PC white people. White PC Politicians, PC Media and the PC Public are getting people killed.