Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Developments in Danville

We received word yesterday that the Virginia Supreme Court ruled that it will not hear the appeal of a Danville judge's decision that upheld City Council's removal of the Third National Confederate flag from a monument on the grounds of the Sutherlin Mansion.


A petition for re-appeal will be filed and we remain hopeful that one judge will see the validity of the case and the petition will be granted.

This is a minor setback, to be sure, but this fight is far from over. Justice will prevail and the flag will return. In the meantime, we are having all kinds of fun beautifying the landscape in Danville with Battle Flags!

Thanks to a generous gift from one of our supporters, we recently purchased SIX new custom-made Army of Northern Virginia Battle Flags!

We are proud to announce that the Danville flag crew has just raised the first 20x20 of these new flags at the Danville 58 bypass site, after completing some upgrades at the site, which included added security and the installation of lighting.

The Va Flaggers wish to thank all who made this possible, especially our special donor who helped provide the flag, and the flag crew in Danville who have worked so hard to install and maintain the 15 new flags that have been raised since the Danville City Council voted to remove one tiny Third National from the Confederate Monument on the grounds of the Last Capital of the Confederacy last August.

Stay tuned...more projects in the works...we have only just begun to fight!

Meanwhile, the Heritage Preservation Association (HPA) is in its fourth month of flagging the Last Capital.  Support is growing each week, and the HPA invites you to join them THIS Saturday, at 10:00 a.m, as they forward the colors in at the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History.


Virginia Flaggers

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