Monday, June 27, 2016

Commentary on BREXIT and Freedom

We received the following commentary from a supporter, and are sharing, with his permission...

We are living in a truly revolutionary time.

Despite all efforts by the MSM, by virtually all other establishment powers, and by all the Armageddon types, Great Britain and the UK have walked back their marriage to the EU. This is the peaceful version of what the South tried to accomplish in 1861.  We were denied our wish for self-government, first expressed in Magna Carta, and the results have been nothing short of catastrophic for the entire world ever since.

Proponents of collectivists government would scorn me, but so what?

Government with the consent of the governed took a giant step forward in BREXIT.  May lady liberty take many more steps, and not wait too long.

Lastly, as Jackie Gleason used to say, "How sweet it is!"  The BREXIT vote, 150 years later and on a global scale, vindicated Jefferson Davis when he said, €œI am quite sure that the issues for which we contend will reassert themselves in future generations.  The efforts to suppress this vindication are seen all around us, from the denigration of southerners, to the disregard for our traditions, our monuments, and especially in the vitriolic attacks on the Confederate Battle Flag and its praiseworthy supporters, the Virginia Flaggers.

BREXIT blows it all out of the water!

This is not the end of the conflict, but it may be the end of the beginning which started at Runny Meade, stepped forward at Yorktown, was temporarily crushed at Appomattox, but has now gathered up its skirts once again and stood tall at BREXIT.

I cannot believe (yes I really can!) that the headlines on our papers are not as bold as they were in declaring VE and VJ Days.

Jack Turner, Beaverdam
"It's a vindication of 1,000 years of British democracy," commuter Jonathan Campbell James declared at the train station in Richmond, southwest London. "From Magna Carta all the way through to now we've had a slow evolution of democracy, and this vote has vindicated the maturity and depth of the democracy in our country."

"A lot of people's grievances are coming out and we have got to start listening to them," said deputy Labour Party leader John McDonnell.

Indeed, the vote constituted a rebellion against the political, economic and social Establishment. All manner of groups -- CEOs, scientists, soldiers -- had written open letters warning of the consequences of an exit. Farage called the result "a victory for ordinary people against the big banks, big business and big politics."

 Va Flaggers


FriendsOfOakwood said...

Southern Folk are once again feeling how important Their Culture is to them and The Country. We are showing our Proud Flags once again, despite "Scalawags" in our communities call out to not show it. As we ignore them, We grow stronger. However, Our growing strength is not due to anything We have done, but rather What our Southern Ancestors did. But while We are following Their Leadership; always remember, They were following Providence's Will, and so shall We...

S. P. Gambone said...

Here's this Yankee's version, published locally as a Letter to the Editor on June 22 just before the Brexit vote. {note: "these United States" respects the beliefs of both Founders, Confederates and the British back in Revolutionary times.}

We, the People of these United States, hereby pledge our support for the people of Great Britain in the decision they affirm by vote this June 23rd regarding continued British membership in the European Union.

The founders of our nation; those equals well known, little known and unknown to us faced a similar, profound decision resulting in the separation of our nations. In ages past we were enemies in war ... now longtime friends and allies.

No foreign despot should interfere in Britain's decision. Yet Mr. Obama has done so.

Playing King George the Third he politely threatened the British people; threatened to indefinitely delay economic trade negotiations with Great Britain if they dare withdraw and act against His Supreme Desires. Clearly a violation of our most fundamental beliefs.

However they vote, there is a possibility of hardship for Britain. Thus our respective governments must work together on trade negotiations, with all due diligence and speed, no matter what their decision ... as true friends and allies always must.

Therefore we bridge the Atlantic in the true Spirit of 1776 with these words:

We the People of these United States vote no confidence in Mr. Obama’s foreign policy and hereby affirm our greatest confidence and support in the wisdom of the good people of Great Britain to control their own destiny.