Monday, June 22, 2020

NASCAR gets FLAGGED! Dixie Takes Her Stand in Talladega

Just before the race at Talladega yesterday, a banner plane, sponsored by Save Southern Heritage-SC and the SCV flew over the track, with a big, beautiful battle flag, and the message "DEFUND NASCAR"!

For those who are not aware, NASCAR recently implemented a COMPLETE ban on the Confederate battle flag, warning that fans who attempt to even wear a ball cap with a battle flag on it could face arrest...

This announcement came as officials ALSO declared that drivers and employees WILL be allowed to kneel during the National Anthem, a reversal of their previous policy.  We STRONGLY urge all Southerners to boycott NASCAR AND contact all sponsors and let them know you will boycott them, too, as long as they sponsor the Un Patriotic and Un American NASCAR.

In the meantime, God bless all those who are not going away quietly into the night.  From this scene driving past the trucks at the front gate...
To a rolling flag rally organized and carried out in Talladega yesterday...
It looks like Alabama NASCAR fans are not going down without a fight, to the dismay of NASCAR Executive Steve O'Donnell, who obviously was bothered enough by the flyover to take to social media to call Confederate flag supporters "Jackasses".
KUDOS to Save Southern Heritage-SC and the SCV for sponsoring the banner plane, and God bless each and every one who decided to stand and fight in Talladega.  We hope this continues at each race. 

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