Thursday, January 26, 2017

Fenwick Will Ignore State Law and Vote To Tear Down Robert E. Lee Monument In Charlottesville

Vows to join disgraced Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy & extreme leftist Kristen Szakos in their crusade to destroy history and further divide the community.
In a press conference this morning, Charlottesville City Councilman Bob Fenwick continued to play political games at the expense of Charlottesville taxpayers by announcing that a motion would be made at the upcoming February 6th council meeting to tear down the Robert E. Lee monument and that this time, he would vote to remove it.

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You will recall that earlier this month, several motions to remove the monument failed when Fenwick abstained from the votes.  Taking his cue from Bellamy, Fenwick has since made it clear that his vote was an attempt to hold council hostage and negotiate for funding for his pet projects, and made it official this morning that he planned to ignore state law and the advice of the City attorney as well as the Attorney General, and pursue the removal of the monument.

Mayor Signer and Councilman Galvin are the only voices of reason in what now has literally become  a three ring circus in Charlotttesville.  Earlier today, Galvin's op-ed piece was published in the local paper, where she expressed her concern that this entire process has caused division in the community and spoke about the necessity of leaving the monument in place so that future generations may offer their own interpretations.

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As was the case earlier this month, we will be prepared for the possibility of a vote for removal on February 6, and attorneys will be ready to file the necessary injunctions and civil and criminal law suits to prevent removal.  State law is clear and, in the end, we are confident that the monument will remain.

Bellamy and Szakos have nothing to lose.  Their careers are effectively OVER and they can pursue their agenda of hate, and vote to toss away taxpayer money and waste city resources without fear of any kind of accountability. We can only assume that with this announcement, Fenwick has decided his political career is over, as well.

Here is Bob Fenwick's contact information.  Earlier this week, he implied he hadn't from many people wanting to keep the monument.  Let's make sure that's not the case...

Contact Bob Fenwick

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 911, City Hall, Charlottesville, VA, 22902
Phone:  (434) 249-3406

Stay tuned for more updates.  PETA may have put Ringling Bros. out of business, but the circus in Charlottesville is apparently about to pull out all the stops...


Daniel Hester said...

Thr I was his Butt in prison for breaking the law of Charlotte's VA. STATE LAW!...OFF WITH HIS HAND!

James Owen said...

Is Fenwick even a Southerner or a Virginian?

James Owen said...

The only reason any of this is done, is to get the approval of non Southerners.

James Owen said...

The only reason any of this is done, is to get the approval of non Southerners.

James Owen said...

Kristen Szakos is another carpetbagger from Ohio. Our ancestors fought for the South to be governed by Southerners, not people from Ohio, or New Jersey.

E. Michael Helms said...

The ignorance and arrogance of many northerners is astounding. Fifty years ago I arrived at USMC boot camp, Parris Island, SC. Most of the northern recruits chided us Southerners, throwing "y'all" in our faces, and asking if we all really went barefoot, had ragged couches on our sagging, tin-roofed front porches, and flea-ridden hound dogs lying about. We countered them with: "At least 'y'all' is a contraction for 'you all', but what the heck is a 'youse', as in 'youse' guys?"
Their ignorance of the South and the War of Northern Aggression was, and remains, sad.


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