Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Powhatan Lions Club Labor Day Parade

On Monday, September 5th The Va Flaggers and the Army of Northern Virginia Mechanized Cavalry were invited to join the Powhatan Troop Camp #1382 SCV for the 5th annual Powhatan Lions Club Labor Day parade. 

We were expecting a small crowd and brought about 7 dozen stick flags.  We were out of flags within the first 5 minutes. Support was overwhelming and we were greeted with applause and thanks the entire route, which was lined by thousands. 

Special thanks to the men of the Powhatan Troop, Camp #1382, SCV for the invitation and warm welcome. 

What a great day in Dixie!



Unknown said...

We at the SCV Camp 1382 Powhatan Troop were honored to have both the Flaggers & Mechanized Cavalry members with us on Labor Day. The Flaggers have put our cause before the public in a positive & effective way & you are certainly welcome at any function we participate in. Deo Vindice !

S. P. Gambone said...

Meanwhile on the 'PC Lunatic social "just us" planet' their 'experts' actually believe the Confederate Flag is on the way out.

In response to the recent VA restrictions of Confederate Flags at federal cemeteries a University of Houston history professor Gerald Horne said, "If the Confederate flag were a stock, I would short it. I would bet upon its continued retreat from the U.S. landscape.”

Obviously the guy is an idiot who never heard about the Iroquois Confederacy and its 'slavery' customs.

George Washington and his Revolutionary Friends built their US Confederacy on ideas and customs of the Original Turtle Island Confederacy of the Five Nations. The US Confederacy adopted and adapted Iroquois 'slavery' practices to deal with the African Slave problem created by racist England and racist New England.

Then Jefferson Davis and his Confederate Friends came to the defense of Turtle Island Confederacies and the adopting process of Southern manumission because the North had gotten so greedy and power hungry that nobody in the South was free.

At their core these anti-Confederates are racist Red men haters who always force First People to the back of their social "just us" bus.

So the battle for Liberty and Confederacy goes on.

Blogger X said...

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