Sunday, February 28, 2016

Truckers Love the Flags

I was speaking at an SCV camp in another state recently, and a man approached me after my presentation, extended his hand and said, "I want to shake your hand." I took his hand, shook it, and he proceeded to tell me that he is a new SCV member and drives for a trucking company.

He said that for several years, he and his fellow drivers had watched the flags go up in Virginia as they traveled up and down 95, and that the flags were often the subject of discussion back at the terminal as they all love to see them on their routes.

He said he had often remarked that one day he sure would like to shake the hand of the guy who was putting all flags those up. Then he thanked me, smiled and said. "I can't wait to go back and tell the guys that I actually shook the hand of the guy responsible for the flags... and it was a GIRL."

Susan Hathaway
The Virginia Flaggers

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Unreformed 2015 said...

Saw the one in Prince George recently...looks GREAT! Would be good if it could be lit at night.