Friday, August 21, 2015

Danville Update: Tim Kaine Visit Canceled in Fear of Confederate Flag Protests

Almost since the moment that the City Council of Danville voted to remove the Third National flag from the Confederate Memorial on the grounds of the Sutherlin Mansion, the Last Capitol of the Confederacy, the citizens of Danville began to push back in a BIG way.

As we reported earlier, we have received dozens of calls from folks looking to install Memorial Battle Flags, financial support from citizens for the projects, and many volunteers on the ground have stepped up to assist. Two flags are already installed and flying, and several more will rise before the end of the month.

Danville Memorial Battle Flag #2 - Westover:

Last week, a lawsuit was filed:

Danville, Virginia: "The filing of the Complaint today should come as no surprise to the City of Danville. My clients have attempted for nearly ten months now to bring a resolution to this matter, only to be broadsided by the City Council's decision to breach its 1994 agreement with the Heritage Preservation Association, and ultimately violate Virginia' laws protecting war memorials. We are disappointed that it has come to litigation, but if that is the only thing the City of Danville understands, then my clients will absolutely protect their and the community's interests in this memorial."

Fred D. Taylor
Counsel for the Plaintiffs

...and a group of Flaggers has formed in Danville who have already held several flag runs and rallies.

When the Danville Flaggers heard that Virginia Senator Tim "Ole Virginny is Dead" Kaine was planning a visit to the local Goodyear Plant with Danville Mayor Sherman Saunders, they made plans to welcome them with a display of flags and protests. When it was determined that there was no public sidewalk available, they organized a flag run, with two rows of cars and flags synchronized to loop continuously in front of the plant. They arrived early for the expected 7:00 a.m arrival.

Within a few hours, it became apparent that Senator Kaine was not going to make an appearance, and that the visit had, in fact, been CANCELLED by Goodyear, "in fear of the Confederate flag protest."

Enjoy the details and a great video here!

According to the article, Kaine "was hoping to talk to them..., greet workers and tour the facility. Goodyear reached out to Kaine on Wednesday and said city of Danville's new ordinance banning the Confederate flag from city owned flag poles may spark a protest outside of the plant during his visit. Kaine said he was disappointed."

Kaine says it is the first time he has ever had an appearance canceled because of a scheduled protest. We hope it won't be the last, and that scalwag and carpetbagger politicians across the South will begin to feel the pressure of cold Southern steel as more and more citizens stand up and speak out.

Dixie is rising...join the fight!
Va Flaggers

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Unreformed 2015 said...

That is great news. Kaine is where he is due to the gov't clones and scallywags living in Northern Va., glad to stick a thumb in his eye.