Wednesday, July 23, 2014

We have been very busy over the past few days, with the SCV National Reunion in Charleston, continuing efforts here in Richmond as regards the Confederate Memorial Chapel, and even though we have not posted an update recently, we have also been working steadily on the situation at Washington & Lee University.

Last week, we were onsite at Washington & Lee to scout for future flagging operations, and were able to spend a large part of the day at the school's entrance, flagging the administration,  and drawing much needed attention to the desecration of the Chapel.

Our Flaggers reported that response was OVERWHELMINGLY positive.  VERY FEW negative comments and LOTS of honks and support.

Students and residents stopped to show their support and offer words of encouragement...
We are in the process of defining the boundaries for future flagging activities, and developing guidelines for participants, and literature to distribute to students, faculty, residents, and tourists.  There is also a local resident who has been protesting, as well.  It is our hope that others will join soon him, and we will be able to coordinate weekly, even daily protests! 

Meanwhile, our sources inside the University tell us that the emails, phone calls, and mail received since our first call to action have overwhelmed the administration and staff.  A recent media report is very telling, and further proof that we are outperforming the opposition:

"The recent removal of the flags, as well as other parts of Washington and Lee President Ken Ruscio's July 8 message to the University Community, continues to resonate with alumni and the "concerned public", said Brian Eckert, Washington & LEE Director of Communications and Public Affairs.  "The reaction has been mixed and plentiful", he reported.  He said his office was still receiving calls, e-mails, and letters yesterday, Tuesday, a full two weeks after Ruscio's letter."

From the copies of letters, and reports received, we know that this is true.  The administration believes that if they just sit tight, this will all "blow over" and things will return to normal at the University.  We aim to make sure that does not happen until the flags are returned.  We will need your help!  PLEASE take this time this week to continue to contact the university, AGAIN! 

This week, we are asking you to email, call, or write a letter to the Site Director at the Chapel.  Please be polite, but be firm, and insist that the flags be returned to the Chapel chamber.

Contact information:

Ms. Lucy Wilkins
Lee Chapel & Museum
100 North Jefferson Street
Lexington, VA 24450

Phone:  (540) 458-8768

We have much more information to share, but wanted to get this brief update out right away.  Watch for more updates soon!  PLEASE continue to forward these emails to ANYONE who you feel might be interested in helping, especially anyone with connections to the University. 

We know that University officials did not expect the backlash that they have so far received. Ruscio and others continue to offer new talking points and cover stories for their actions, NONE of which changes the truth, which is that this action was nothing more than a complete and total capitulation to the demands of 6 students, seeking publicity and determined to dishonor General Lee and the men who served under him.  Their spin and attempts to explain away their actions have taken some interesting turns:   

"As a private university, we are not bound by the same legal and constitutional First Amendment constraints as public universities, Ruscio said.

Only those who are fearful of the expression of truth call the Bill of Rights "constraints", and view freedom as "binding".

"We have not yet begun to fight."  Our hope and fervent prayer is that you will take up the banner and join us.

Grayson Jennings
Va Flaggers

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