Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Va Flaggers VMFA Update 3-11-2014

The first week of our Black Flag Campaign was, by all accounts, a phenomenal success!!

Despite COLD temperatures and a brisk wind, 10 Flaggers made their way to the Boulevard on Thursday, March 6th.  While the frigid weather kept pedestrian traffic down, there was plenty of vehicle traffic, with many honks of support and appreciation!  The Flaggers have been reporting for several weeks now that they are experiencing more and more positive feedback recently, as new signs and new 24' flags bring our efforts to the VMFA's front door.

Our resident protestor returned for the third time, and one of the Flaggers who occupied the position nearest to him at the Chapel, filed the following report:

"I showed up a little early - in battle gear and war bonnet - because you said we had hoisted the Black Flag. The cold NE wind was whipping, and I displayed the combination Virginia/Southern Cross that I dearly love very prominently to those who happened to drive by. A little before 1500 hours the Tricycle Twerp (TT) was seen approaching on his noble steed. He posted by the sign post where he had posted before and set up his Psy-Ops. As Cool J - or whoever - was set blasting away for my edification, I went over and said "howdy" and shook his hand and said I was glad he could make it, and wished him a nice afternoon, and told him how much we appreciated his support.

Anyhow, I had not been there very long, and shortly after TT appeared, Miss Judy, Jim, Marvin, Jimmy, Tom, et al. all began showing up. As per SOP, we deployed around the perimeter in groups of two and three - Jim, Marvin, Judy and me holding down HQ. Nobody could hear the gangsta rap very clearly, as he was not too close and the good nor'easter was blowing it across the road for the edification of the neighborhood over there. We all were having a big ol' time, as always, and not paying him any attention.

We got some "toots" - one with the "we're number one" salute, and another that a Black woman crossing the street told us that it was for her, not us - but the rest all for the Flaggers! We had one pretty young lady who stopped and asked us all about what was going on. She was an immigrant from someplace in New York and was very interested and very positive and very supportive and asked if she could take our picture. Notwithstanding our modesty, we agreed to let her take our picture.

At precisely 1552 hours, the Tricycle Twerp (TT) saddled up and made a "tactical withdrawal" - or perhaps as Gen. McClellan after the Seven Days' Battles might have called it, a "change of base." As he peddled off into the sunset - overcast by cloud cover - I thought I heard him say something about the "sunny beaches," so I inferred that he might be heading for Florida on his tricycle, since Virginia Beach is not yet open for the summer season.

Anyhow, we held HG and the sidewalk in front of the VMFA. Marvin at one point went into the VMFA for something, and said the flags out front were lookin' mighty fine from the coffee shop!

Always do, IMHOP, from any point of view."


A great afternoon, indeed, but nothing prepared us for Saturday, March 8th...

BEAUTIFUL weather in the Capital of the Confederacy...  Sunny, high 60's and breezy, and 20 FLAGGERS gathered, the largest group we have had this year!  With so many troops, we were able to spread down the sidewalk and around to cover almost the entire block!!!  The glimpse of spring like weather meant traffic on the Boulevard was heavy all afternoon, with great conversations such as this one with a group of college students (left) and first time young flaggers (right). 

Our protestors returned, with new signs...but after failing to get any attention or reaction, headed back from whence they came, long before our Flaggers abandoned their posts.

Flaggers reported that conversations were so plenty and foot traffic so brisk that there were often folks waiting for a chance to speak with them!  LOTS of positive honks and almost 100% support for our efforts. 

"Operation Black Flag" continues tomorrow, Tuesday, March 11th, when we will be Flagging the VMFA 3:00 p.m. - Dusk.  JOIN US and be a part of those who are taking a stand against the VMFA and their dishonoring of AMERICAN Veterans and desecration of the Confederate Memorial Chapel.  If you can't be there, we ask you to please take a moment to support the troops on the ground!  This week, we are asking you to contact STEPHEN BONADIES, Collections and Facilities Management at the VMFA.  Contact Mr. Bonadies by email:, or by phone at 804.340.1524Tell him it is time to end the nonsense and return the Confederate Battle Flags to the Confederate Memorial Chapel, and restore the honor to the Confederate Veterans who lived and died on the grounds of the Old Soldier's Home.

RETURN the flags!
RESTORE the honor!

Tommy Clinger
Va Flaggers

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