Monday, January 27, 2014

Flagging Lexington: A First Time Flagger's Eye-Witness Perspective

First time Flagger Keith H. takes a moment to share his impressions after spending two days with the Virginia Flaggers in Lexington...

"Thanks Susan, I have already described the events at VMI as once in a lifetime spiritual experience. I want to describe a couple more observations, being a first time Flagger.

First is how polite and inviting all the Flaggers were. Everyone made sure I was introduced to any one I didn't know. Believe me, that's rare these days. I felt at home.

2nd is I felt something different with this group. Having been associated with similar groups in the past I see this one is out to make a difference and doing it in the right way. It's different when a family sees 75 citizens that look as normal as them, only they carry the flag, than it is when they see re-enactors. Dont get me wrong. They do great work and are keepers of the flame, but when they see citizens protesting a wrong it makes a different kind of impression. AS in hey, this is going on now, and these people are taking a stand now, not 150 years ago.

Last thing I will never forget are the citizens along the parade route...they were with us!  I can't count how many thank you's and atta boys I heard, many  from women and children! Oh and last was singing Dixie with the Keydets and the rebel yell I know sounded exactly like it would have in 1861. Chills up my arms down my spine. Was truly a spiritual moment."

Keith H.
Hardy, Virginia

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