Friday, October 4, 2013

Fly it high, "United" RVA !

The only "real" opposition to the I-95 Battle Flag came in the form of a group called "United RVA".  Although they could muster only a little over 200 members on their FaceBook group, nearly EVERY news story concerning the flag mentioned them, and the fact that they were able to get 20,000 + signatures on a MOVEON.ORG petition.  Most of the signers were not from the Richmond area, much less the South, and the wording of the petition was misleading and incendiary. One of their organizers, Richmond Attorney Brian Cannon, gave the following statement:

"The Confederate Flag is at best a symbol of four years of our 400 years of history in Virginia," said Cannon. "It doesn't represent us at all. At best, that flag is a divisive symbol in a community. At worst, it's a symbol of hatred, bigotry, slavery, and an unwelcome sign to Richmond."

Their grand protest on Sat
urday was...wait for raise a huge U.S. Flag on a crane in downtown Richmond. I guess that since every local poll showed OVERWHELMING support for the I-95 Battle Flag the media had to find something to highlight to try and stir up trouble.  They have also reported recently that they will try and raise money to permanently erect the flag on I-95, as a "protest" to the Memorial Confederate Flag that was raised. 

For the life of me, I can't understand how flying a super sized U.S. Flag is supposed to somehow "bother" us?!?!?  While I am the proud descendant of 4 Confederate Soldiers, I am ALSO the proud descendant of men who fought for the United States in every war since and have no issue whatsoever with the proper display of a U.S. Flag.

In 1941, my four Great-Uncles all left their Mother's home on North Avenue in Richmond to serve honorably in WWII.  They were the Grandsons of a Confederate Veteran.

L-R, Granville David Jenkins, Wesley William Jenkins, John Sylvanius Jenkins, and Ryland Sylvester Jenkins.  Uncle Granville was with the 24th Infantry in the Pacific. He was awarded a medal for bravery and came home to be killed by a drunk driver.  Uncle Wesley was with the 2nd Marine Div. in the Pacific.  Uncle "Tootsie" was with the 90th Infantry in Europe. He was the last surviving brother and died last year, at 95.Uncle Ryland was with the 9th (Army) Air Force in Europe.

Since the American Revolution, the Southern Soldier has served with distinction and honor in EVERY war in which he was called. Duty and sacrifice are in our DNA. It would do these folks well to remember that the most decorated soldiers in both WWI and WWII were...that's right, Southerners...who served among thousands of other sons and grandsons...of Confederate Soldiers.

Southerners have always been among the most patriotic Americans. If we are to believe the media, it looks like that we now may have sparked a wave of patriotism in the Capital of the Confederacy. WHO'DA THUNK IT?

...kinda makes me REAL proud to be a Virginia Flagger. :)

 Fly it high, "United RVA"!  

Susan Hathaway
Va Flaggers


Proudfox13 said...

Just a comment about the group United RVA.

This is a left wing liberal group, not to be confused with RVA United, which is a church affiliated christian organization, so please tell your members, friends, and all others to differentiate the two groups, totally different.

United RVA is in concert wit and other Liberal, democratic left wing anti American groups that attack conservatives , Southern heritage groups and the like.

As far as them getting contributions to raise an American flag, go for it, I love America and the American flag, the more flags the better I like it and so should you. These morons have picked the wrong adversary, so let's all laugh and take 5.

Proudfox13 said...
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Tony said...

From 1619 to 1783 there was slavery under the flags of St. George & the British Union Jack - 164 years

From 1783 to 1865 there was slavery under the stars and stripes - 82 years

From 1861 to 1865 there was slavery under the Confederate Flag - 4 years

It seems to me that if it wasn't for the Dutch who first brought slaves to North America and the British for tolerating the practice in 1619 we would have never had that problem.

As we all know slavery is evil but to dishonor those those who fought to protect their family's, farms, friends and business's from an invader in wrong too.