Thursday, September 5, 2013

Compromise Is Not An Option

We heard today that one of the Floggers has recently had a change of heart and has suggested a compromise for the flying of a Confederate Flag on the grounds of Confederate Memorial Park, now desecrated by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA). Apparently, another Flogger has chimed in, chiding us for “refusing to support a compromise offered”.

Refusing to support a compromise?

FIRST of all, we have never heard of this “offer”, as we do not read the garbage posted on these hate-filled blogs, so we did not “refuse” anything.

SECONDLY, neither of these amateur historians/bloggers speaks for the VMFA, that we know of, so NEITHER of them has the authority to “offer” anything... especially from their homes in MASSACHUSETTS and ARIZONA!

THIRDLY, even if there was an ACTUAL offer made by folks who are ACTUALLY authorized, we would ABSOLUTELY refuse compromise in any way, shape or form. The ONLY thing that will end the Flagging of the VMFA, is for the Confederate Battle Flags to be returned to the portico of the Confederate Memorial Chapel. NO compromise! NO retreat!

FINALLY, if these Floggers had any idea of what is going on in the Capital of the Confederacy, they would know that their “compromise” suggestion is as irrelevant as their attempt to insert themselves into our endeavors, since research by the Va Flaggers has determined that the Anti-Confederate behavior by the VMFA is not limited to the removal of the Battle Flags from the Chapel. In a March 31, 2010 meeting of the Executive Committee of the Board Trustees, the following motion was made...and carried UNANIMOUSLY...

“Motion: proposed by Mr. Moore and seconded by Mrs. Goode that the Museum is opposed to flying the Confederate Battle Flag or any of its derivatives on the Museum property. Motion carried unanimously.”

Yep… that’s a motion opposing ANY derivative of a Confederate Flag ANYWHERE on museum property. This is particularly egregious when you consider that the "Museum Property" they speak of is actually is located on Confederate Memorial Park, as specified in an agreement between the State of Virginia and the United Confederate Veterans.

Complete meeting minutes can be found here:

~ Grayson Jennings
   Va Flaggers

"I hold concession or compromise to be fatal. If we concede an inch, concession would follow concession — compromise would follow compromise, until our ranks would be so broken that effectual resistance would be impossible." John C. Calhoun

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