Friday, May 17, 2013

We Take Our Stand

"The Battle Flag has suffered much abuse and we, the descendants of the Confederate heroes whose honor that Cross verifies, must continually do battle with ignorance and defamation from those who choose to misunderstand our heritage. We, whose ancestors gave us that centuries-old Cross, have a duty to protect it, to restore it to its position of dignity and respect, and that we must do. The Confederates were neither cold nor timid...neither can we be.

It is a privilege to have inherited the Southern Cross, to have such an honorable standard with which to align our hopes and dreams for the future. Just as the Southern Cross has become popular in other countries and is used by them as a beacon of courage, so to, will there surely be a renaissance in our own country...a renewal of things good and noble and pleasant and right. The time will arrive when ALL people are allowed to honor their history, yes, even Southerners. The day will come (and IT WILL) when people learn what we already know. They will realize where the true patriots of freedom thrive, and their eyes will turn Southward. And the Southern Cross, as it has for centuries, will lead us all Deo Vindice."

Carolyn Kent, Southern Cross Chapter #2578, UDC!


Brett said...

also, it is a beacon of hope, freedom, and liberty around the world. I've seen interviews with leaders, especially behind the former Iron Curtain, and they are amazed that everyone does not revere our flag. If they know the truth, why are our fellow citizens so ignorant. Of course, it's out of laziness on the part of some, and deliberate rewriting of history for their own benefit for others.

Brock Townsend said...

Well said.