Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Lee-Jackson Day 2018 - All We Ask Is To Be Left Alone

Lexington authorities have spent weeks planning for the upcoming Lee Jackson Day weekend and we appreciate their diligence. I would imagine if you added up the cost of extra manpower and security over the past 7 years since City Council voted to prohibited the flags of Lee and Jackson to be flown from city light stands, it would be astronomical, not counting the lost revenue from the ongoing boycott.

There are some who REALLY want us to go away and let the matter drop. We keep telling them it’s real simple...

It’s cold. It’s January in the valley. We don’t particularly want to be standing on your streets for two days. Drop the silly flag ban, and let the flags of Lee and Jackson fly during the holiday. Flags go up on Friday, we come in on Saturday and attend an event for an hour, parade to W&L and have a service at Lee Chapel, and go home. Flags come down Monday morning.

It worked for years....peacefully and with great benefit to the city. It can work again. It ain’t rocket science. All we ask is to be left alone.

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